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Post  Rachel Berry on Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:53 am

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Rachel Berry
16, Glee CLub, Lea Michele

Rachel is one of the best singers in Glee Club & she knows it. She can be very bossy at times but does have a sweeter, more caring side as well. She is currently dating Finn Hudson. She is Jewish & is constantly bullied by the popular kids.

Quinn Fabray
16, Glee Club/Cheerios, Dianna Agron

Quinn is known for her good looks & former popularity. She used to be popular but then she got pregnant & joined Glee Club. She is caring & kind but does have a bitchy side to her. She is in a relationship with Puck but they argue a lot and Quinn doesn't think the relationship will last long.

Santana Lopez
16, Glee Club/Cheerios, Naya Rivera

Santana is mostly known for being the school slut. She is very bitchy at times & has done it with virtually every footballer on the team. Her best friend is Brittany, they are joined at the hip most of the time. She is also 'frienemies' with Quinn Fabray, but they are starting to like each other a little bit more. Santana is very misunderstood, in her mind.

Brittany Pierce
16, Glee Club/Cheerios, Heather Morris

Brittany is known for being the 'air head' of Glee Club. She is very sweet & innocent but as well as Santana has done it with nearly every footballer on the team. Though, she is now dedicated to being Artie's girlfriend. You've got to love her, no matter who you are.

Mercedes Jones
16, Glee Club, Amber Riley

Mercedes is known for being the Glee Club Diva. She is very sarcastic but is a really nice girl when you get to know her properly. Her best friend is Kurt, who is extremely nice to her & treats her like a sister. They have a really close bond & spend quite a lot of time together. She is an amazing singer & is very caring.

Tina Cohen-Chang
16, Glee Club, Jenna Ushkowitz

Tina Cohen-Chang is an member of New Directions. Tina is known for her unique Goth fashion sense, Tina used to pretend to have a stutter because when she was younger she did not want to give a presentation in front of her class. Now, she appears to get along with most of the other members in the Glee Club. She is currently in a relationship with Mike Chang.

Lauren Zizes
16, Wrestling Team, Glee Club, Ashley Fink

She is on the wrestling team, is a member of the "Old Maid's Club," ran a spying business, is a fan of the Twilight Saga, and is obsessed with Will Schuester's looks.

Sue Sylvester
38, Cheerios Coach, Jane Lynch

Sue Sylvester is the coach of the cheerleading team, the Cheerios, and detests the Glee Club and their teacher, attempting to bring it down at any cost. She has a disabled sister, named Jean, which brings out her soft side. Sue has been soft towards the glee club at certain points too, but mainly tries to destroy the glee club.

Emma Pillsbury-Howell
34, Guidance Councillor, Jayma Mays

Emma Pillsbury-Howell is the school's mysophobic guidance counselor. She was also a love interest for Will Schuester. Though initially unrequited love on Emma's part, once Will decided to divorce his wife he revealed his interest. Emma and Will's relationship didn't work out, and she is now married to Carl Howell.

Shannon Beiste
40, Football Coach, Dot Jones

Shannon Beiste is the new football coach at William McKinley High School who replaced Ken Tanaka.

Holly Holiday
30, Sex Ed. Teacher, Gwyneth Paltrow .

Holly Holliday is a laid back, cool substitute teacher who replaces Will, teaching Spanish, when he is sick and unable to work. Not much is known about her.

Andrea Cohen
17, Vocal Adrenaline, Vivian Nixon .

Not much is known about Andrea, except that she is a talented member of Vocal Adrenaline with Crohn's disease. According to Rachel, she won the award for Outstanding Soloist of the Year.

Sunshine Corazon
17, Vocal Adrenaline, Charice.

Sunshine Corazon is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines who, along with Sam Evans, becomes interested in joining New Directions upon seeing them perform Empire State of Mind in the courtyard during their effort to recruit new members. Sunshine is placed in Vocal Adrenaline after Sue Sylvester informed the new Vocal Adrenaline coach, Dustin Goolsby, about her, who immediately recruited Sunshine.


Finn Hudson
16, Glee Club/Football Team/Basketball Team, Cory Monteith

Finn Christopher Hudson is co-captain of the glee club, New Directions, quarterback of the Football Team, and part of the Basketball team at William McKinley High School. He is kind but is a little bit of a coward sometimes & is a little bit Homophobic. He is Kurts Step-brother & is also in a relationship with Rachel Berry.

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman
16, Glee Club/Football Team, Mark Salling

Noah "Puck" Puckerman is a member of both the Glee Club and the football team at William McKinley High School. He is also Jewish. Proud of being a self proclaimed "badass", he is also known as the "sex master" and "stud." He frequently tossed kids into dumpsters and was a frequent slushie thrower prior to joining Glee.

Artie Abrams
16, Glee Club/Football Team, Kevin McHale

Artie is in a wheel chair after an accident with his mum when he was eight. He is a very kind guy but also like to have fun. He is in a relationship with Brittany & is very loyal to her. He isn't a really big gossiper but likes to know when somethings happening.

Mike Chang
16, Glee Club/Football Team, Harry Shrum Jr.

Mike is a really nice boy but he is not an amazing singer. He joined Glee club with Puck but they don't really talk much. He is in a relationship with Tina & they are very much in love. He is a natural dancer & is well known for his amazing moves.

Kurt Hummel
16, Dalton Academy Warblers, Chris Colfer

Kurt was the only openly gay kid at McKinley & was often bullied for it. He is a really nice, really loyal friend & has an amazing voice. He doesn't show when he his emotions get the better of him. He moved to Dalton Academy where he met Blaine Anderson.

Dave Karofsky
16, Football Team, Max Adler.

Karofsky is an ex-hockey player at William McKinley High School. He currently plays right guard on the football team. He likes to bully people who are beneath him socially, in Glee club, or when someone does something that the jocks consider to be "uncool". He seems to be good friends with Azimio Adams, as the two usually bully together. Dave is currently struggling with his deeply closeted homosexuality, causing him to lash out at people.

Jacob Ben Israel
16, McKinley Student, Josh Sussman.

Jacob is a stereotypical nerd and the school gossip. He is shown to be highly obsessed with Rachel, doing almost anything to be with her. He has a blog that is read by many of the school's students and is believed to have several Twitter accounts. He may not be popular, but he knows his way around the social statusfere.

Blaine Anderson(Reserved)
16, Dalton Academy Warblers, Darren Criss

Blaine Anderson is a student at Dalton Academy who develops a special relationship with Kurt. It was stated that he would be a mentor figure for Kurt.

Wes -you choose last name-
17, Dalton Academy Warblers, Telly Leung

David -You choose last name-
17, Dalton Academy Warblers, Titus Makin Jr.

Will Schuester
36, Glee Club, Matthew Morrison

William Schuester, commonly known as Will or Mr. Schue, is the teacher who took charge of the William McKinley High School Glee club, New Directions after Sandy Ryerson got suspended for inappropriately touching a male student.

Principal Figgins
39, Principal, Iqbal Theba

Figgins is the Indian-American principal of William McKinley High School and has been for 19 years

Jesse St. James
18, Vocal Adrenaline, Jonathan Groff.

*All other characters are available unless stated above.

Just fill out one of these and post it in the 'Introductions' section. One of our admins or mods will welcome you soon! They can be as long or short as you like.

Gender&Sexual Preference:

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Post  KurtHummel on Tue May 31, 2011 2:28 pm

When is Blaine coming!

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