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Post  Alexander Jones on Sat May 28, 2011 12:23 pm

Ok so I decided to make a story about Rachel and Alex's brother/sister relationship and how they started off as freinds.


Deep in down town Lima, in a mortuary, stood a girl with black hair, brown eyes and a frown on her face. She was in a dress skirt, and a black party gown. She stood in a funeral, he two dads were there, she sat between them.

"Why are we here?" The girl asked.

"Shh honey, be quiet." Her first dad whispered into her ear.

The girls name was Rachel Berry. A boy across from him, a brunette with brown skin and a tuxedo on had tears running down his eyes.

"Cry baby." Rachel whispered.

"Rachel! His dad just died!" Her second dad had said. Rachel now looked sad, she let her emotions get in the way of what was happening, she now knew she was in a funeral. Her two dads had a friend named Penelope Jones-Fernandez, her son was that boy who was crying, his name was Alexander Jones, he was in the same kindergaten class as her, she had play dates with the boy, they were aquanted, everyone called the boy Sherlock. The boy was at 9th grade reading level and read Sherlock Holmes alot. He solved mysteries in class, like who took the bunny the other day or who stole the play-dough. Or who barfed in each others lunch bags.

The boy stood up,

"Everytime I think of you, it's so hard for me to hold back my tears,
to hold back the fear,
I wanted to tear my room apart, since day we got that call, that you had passed away,
In that cursed war there,
I'll be missing you......
The boy had sang, Rachel had never heard that song in her life. They boy had written a song and Rachel didn't even know what a subject and Predicate ment. She didn't know how to multiply fractions, but that boy did. She was feeling out bested, and was wondering how a five year old could be so damn smart.

That day at night, Rachel was sent to the Jones Manor, they lived in a mansion, Alex's mom was an actress and singer. Rachel had cookies on her hand, suddenly she heard a beat, there was a little drum in her ears, it was a tamborine.

She looked at the roof, Alex was there playing tambourine. "Alex! Get off the roof unless you wanna end up like your dad!" Rachel had heard from the window. It was Alex's nanny.


That next day at school Alex didn't talk to anyone, Rachel sat by him. "Hey Alex!" She said cheerful.
"What do you want?" Alex asked her bitterly.
"Oh nothing, I just wanna sit here." She smiled at him. Alex felt like talking to her but he just turned his face away.

After school Rachel followed Alex, "I heard you sing at the funeral." She told him.
"So?" He asked.
"You're really good." She told him.
"I've heard that before."
"I'm a singer too."
"Wanna come over too my house and listen to music?"
"What kind of music?"
"Well I have Barbara Streisand."
"Do you have any Michael Jackson?"
"I do!" She said cheerfully grabbing his hand and running to her house, having her first friend in a long time.


Five years later, Alex looked much taller and Rachel was too, Rachel had grown her hair longer and wore a moose sweater, leg warmers, and slippers.

Alex and Rachel were in Middle School now. Alex had been getting smarter and smarter, and even helped the CSI out once.

As Rachel was walking to the door of her English class, seventh grade boys stepped in front of her.

"Hey its Rotten Berry." One said.
"Leave me alone." Rachel said.
"What you say?" Another one said.
"I said leave me alone!" Rachel said.
"I guess she needs to be taught better than to tell us what to do." The leader said and leaned in to Rachel suddenly a boy stood in front of her, "Leave her alone, boys." It was Alex. Rachel sighed, relived to see him.

"Jones, stay outta this," The leader said.

"Whataya gonna do about it Karofsky?" Alex had a smirk on his face, Karofsky went and tried to punch Alex and the face but Alex caught his fist. Karofsky tried again and again but Alex kept on catching the fist.
"I'm not fighting you, David." Alex growled. The boys left and then Alex turned to Rachel.
"Thanks." She said.
"No problem." Alex replied.


As Alex walked down to the his house along with Rachel, there was a crime going on, Alex ran toward the crime scene.

"What happened here?" Alex asked.
"A woman was killed." The policeman said.
Alex looked at one of the suspects, the man had tiny holes in his shirt, the man was married to the victim.
"I'm sorry," Alex said walking up to the man.
"For what?" The man said.
"Your wife dosen't love you anymore." Alex told the man.
"What why?" The man said.
"You have holes in you shirt, I know my mom wouldn't let me go out looking like that, she wouldn't let Rachel dads either." Alex said.
"You're wife was cheating on you, the man that she was cheating on you with was the murder." Alex pointed at the other man.
"I'm not the murderer!" He said.
"The mans wife wanted to call it off with you. You wouldn't allow it, so you took pictures of you and her kissing and went to show it to her husband, but she tried to kill you instead, she wasn't strong enough for you and you killed her." Alex said, pointing out the pictures.
"She, tried to kill me and yelled 'I dont love you anymore!' And I wouldn't allow it. I got mad and tore that bitches heart out." The man confessed and cried.


As Alex and Rachel walked home Rachel tried to figure out how Alex solved it.
"How did you know that man's wife didn't love him anymore?" She asked him.
"The man had holes in his shirt, would my mom let me out looking like that or my dad when he was alive. No, she wouldn't even let your dads do that, like they would do to each other." Alex said.
"Alex! Look out!" Rachel started to scream, because a man had appeared out of thin air with a bat and hit Alex over the head with it. Alex had his eyes barley open, hearing Rachel scream "LET ME GO!"

Alex woke up and looked, he ran around screaming "RACHEL?! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Alex looked down to see a note.

Rache It said. Alex thought back to the first Sherlock Holmes book ever.


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Ralex ((Rachel/Alex)) Empty Re: Ralex ((Rachel/Alex))

Post  KurtHummel on Tue May 31, 2011 2:23 pm

Suggestion: Make Kurt have a crush on you in chapter 2.

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