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The Rulebook

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The Rulebook Empty The Rulebook

Post  Rachel Berry on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:37 pm


Hello dear. The title says it all. YES you do need to read them. I realise it is a boring business, but it’s for the best honest xP Make sure to understand everything and NOT break any rules or the admins will be forced to take action.

- - -

registering with the site

  • If you plan to create an account and not even bother to create a profile, you might as well leave now. This board is not a place to visit only when you feel bored.

  • By submitting a profile, members are committing themselves to the board && this especially applies to canon characters.

  • If you need to leave for a period of time, post in the appropriate category or inform one of the admins.

hope it gives you hell


  • The application form needs to be filled it out CORRECTLY and with

  • If you do not use the code given, the application will be IGNORED.

  • Once the application has been submitted, please DON’T send messages to the admins about acceptance. Like you, we have real life to attend to so be patient and wait at least 48 hrs before catching an admin’s attention.


  • No one is perfect, therefore perfect characters are not allowed. Your character may have good qualities, but that doesn't mean they never make mistakes. Make sure there's that something that sets your character apart from the rest.

  • Pregnancies happen... but please we cannot have every female on the board expecting.

  • The above also applies for suicides; please be realistic.

  • When it comes to the face claim, do not use unknown face claims or site models. If you're desperate to use one of them, then you'd better have a pretty damn good application.

you can look me in the eyes


  • All levels of experience are accepted, as long as the person in question can post at least one decent paragraph.

  • After being accepted change your display name to your character's name.

  • One line posters are NOT tolerated.

  • Always reply in third person, keep in mind you're not writing your own diary. And NO slang language

  • When you're character is speaking use quotation marks (" "), and for thoughts use Italic.

  • Godmodding is FORBIDDEN

  • OOCs should be AVOIDED in roleplay.

  • Creativity and originality are encouraged, especially when it comes to coding which makes posts look more attractive.

shines like high noon

Anything else

  • You are allowed to have as many characters [both canons & originals] as you like, as long as you keep the whole lot active.

  • Always respect the staff and other members.

  • If you're having a bad day, my advice is to keep clear off the board. We don't want or need unnecessary fights. This is a place to have fun.

  • We would also appreciate if you don't spend your whole time on the c-box, keep in mind that you are here to roleplay and it's not nice to keep others waiting for a long time.

memories they're no good to me

We will be watching you, so do not break any of the above rules. Just like in baseball you have 3 strikes before you're out... or as i like to call it banned and deleted. Behave yourselves and most important of all, have fun :]

Your loving admins, Rachel, Aria, Brittany and Quinn

try to learn a lesson

This wonderous rulebook was created by Piexiato (aka T!NA)
of Caution 2.O. However, feel free to modify when needed.
The lyrics are credited to The All American Rejects. It's
important that you do not remove this credit [no matter what
the reason is] or I shall track you down and unleash my army
of squirrels xP

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Rachel Berry
Rachel Berry

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The Rulebook Empty Re: The Rulebook

Post  KurtHummel on Thu May 05, 2011 2:38 pm

Rachel Berry wrote:Okay, rules, everybody hates them but everybody needs them. So I'll keep them simple
5. Posting in Roleplay areas will be in third person and there is no word count.
Can we please have a three word limit? Because it's kind of frustrating to write a 300 word post and have a two word reply.

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The Rulebook Empty Re: The Rulebook

Post  Tina on Sat Jul 16, 2011 1:52 am

Um... Why can't I log in to my Kurt account?


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The Rulebook Empty Re: The Rulebook

Post  Blaine Anderson on Sun Jul 17, 2011 6:09 pm

I really don't know--I'm looking into it. Smile

Would you like me to change your password and you can try logging in again?
Blaine Anderson
Blaine Anderson

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The Rulebook Empty Re: The Rulebook

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