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Information&&Sample Profile

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Information&&Sample Profile

Post  Rachel Berry on Mon Mar 28, 2011 6:11 am

Okay, nowadays, everyone over the age of ten has facebook so why not our characters? Obviously, your character doesn't need to have Facebook but if you could like them to, copy and paste the code below to a new topic.

You will get to set up your profile but please use the sample profile Here.
To comment on statuses etc... use the quote button. To post pictures, wall posts etc just post a reply. Actually same for the comment part. Oh and the like thing. Well just post the status as the quote and like. Easy, right?xD
Also, When you create your profile please don't post it with your signature attached.XD

[Profile picture]
[Character name]

Status Update: Whats on your mind


[Relationship status]
[Religious views]
[Favorite quotations]

Past Status updates



[Here with links to profiles]


[left][Profile picture][/left][size=18][center][b][Character name][/b][/center][/size]

[center][b]Status Update[/b]: Whats on your mind[/center]


[Relationship status]
[Religious views]
[Favorite quotations][/left][/color]

[b]Past Status updates[/b]



[Here with links to profiles]

Sample courtesy of Quinn at The Glee RP
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